About us

Who are we?
AGATA Skowrońska-Kapusa
AGATA Skowrońska-Kapusta - she could be called the First Lady of Polish IT, if she were a lady rather than an Admin. She’s a bit of a cyborg, a combination of a nasty, cynical technical mind with the beauty of a female body that can surprise even old professors. A bit of a mental vampire: she knows what her students want to say before they do it, and the mistakes that they make are too trivial for her to ever raise her eyebrow. Teaching takes about 10% of her resources. The rest of the Agata 2.0 operating system processes thousands of problems and data streams at a tremendous rate, ranging from the latest string theory used in crocheting, to quantum entanglement of IP packets, to trivial data leaks from optical fibre cables. If she had a dog, his name would Technology, he would fear her, guess her wishes and execute them immediately. Her hobby is Household survival, i.e., how to survive with her husband, who is even a bigger Geek than her, her daughter who uses a tablet even while sleeping, and a little son who uses the QWERTY keys as Lego blocks. Out of boredom, without stopping crocheting, she passed the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam. she passed the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam. Earlier, with just one hand (the other one was busy), she wrote several books and English-language publications .

KAROL Krysiak
A chameleon of mimicry - only the second glance lets one appreciate what kind of a sociopathic technology maniac one is dealing with. An evangelist of changes taking place in the reality around us. An IP priest - some packets worship him. A server-room shaman who takes spells of enchanted Data Centres. A server exorcist who expels the worst of daemons out of them. A plumber of cabling who unclogs congested networks. A data shepherd – he drives table herds with SQL queries. An apologist of effectiveness – he leads the projects that he undertakes, sometimes by the hand, sometimes through shortcuts, along new paths, to a successful end. A casual novelist – the author of a bestseller “Computer Networks. A compendium” (published by Helion). Professionally guided by the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid. If he had the time (and resources) to realize 10% of its ideas, the world would look different. Favourite quotes: "The key to success for Sony, and to everything in business, science and technology for that matter, is never to follow the others." Masaru Ibuka "Imagination is more important than knowledge. (...)knowledge is limited." A. Einstein

PIOTR Goetzen
He loves to travel, so the entire world is his home. Gained his PhD in Switzerland. Head of the Department of Computer Networks and Operating Systems, formerly a Dean of the Faculty of Informatics at one in the universities in Łódź. An international Cisco instructor and lecturer (Castelo Branco, Porto, Spain, Germany, Holland), also at Clark University (USA). Invited to international scientific conferences, he delivers lectures in several languages. A co- founder of international projects. A coordinator and trainer in the following projects:
  • Exploitation of Open Systems (together with Agata and Karol),
  • Integration of Open Systems (together with Agata and Karol),
  • Mainframe Systems(together with Karol et al.),
  • Postagraduate studies: Academy of Linux Administration (together with Agata and Karol),
  • Studia podyplomowe: Akademia sieci Cisco (CCNA i CCNP) (razem z zespołem),
  • Postagraduate studies: Academy of Network - based on Cisco (CCNA i CCNP) programs (together with his team),
A co-author of, among others, a three-volume edition of the book “Linux System Administration Academy”, the author of scientific publications. A winner of prized certificates, including CCAI at the CCNP level.
A network architect. A practitioner. Praktyk.
Tireless in his activities. Although he is pressed for time, he always has time for those who need him. Brings spices and recipes from each trip, because the cuisines of the world just love him.