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The knowledge required

The knowledge required to pass the certification examination includes practical and theoretical issues included in the group of micro-courses called Designing and troubleshooting networks . The set is available for purchase in our shop. You can also purchase a certification exam in our shop (the date of the exam to be agreed upon – please suggest it via email at .


In order to take the certification exam the candidate should already have the NOITE BASIC NET Certificate

The Gold certificate confirms that the owner

  • understands the differences between Ethernet technologies and is familiar with cabling categories and classes
  • knows the components of fibre optic systems (lines)
  • knows the principles of installation of fibre optic systems
  • knows the principles of structured cabling system design
  • knows the principles of network design in the Core-Distribution -Access model
  • knows the application of PoE understands the application of VLAN and QoS
  • can design and deploy a wireless network
  • understands the ISDN technology and the PPP protocol
  • understands the xDSL technology
  • understands the ATM technology
  • understands the F-R technology
  • knows the role of PLC networks and the mechanisms of providing the Internet access through cable TV network
  • knows the principles of designing campus computer networks
  • can design a campus network

What does the exam look like?

The exam consists of a theoretical part (a test of theoretical knowledge - 50 questions) and a practical part (the ability to design the computer network, athe ability tu sue approprate software) - 4 hours.

In order to obtain a certificate, you must pass each part with a score of at least 75% (seventy-five percent). After passing the examination, you will receive a document like this one:

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